Maybe I should open our own marijuana dispensary

For the last few weeks, I had been driving almost two hours to the city, so I could go to the legal marijuana store.

Since the legal marijuana stores had been allowed to open, I entirely thought the people I was with and I would have 1 or 2 in our area, but that hadn’t happened yet. I decided I should find out how to open up a legal marijuana store in our area. I talked to our father plus he was willing to help myself and others with the proper funding. I had to go to the local company group plus get the information, plus sign up for a business license. I couldn’t assume all the classes I had to take. It was prefer going back to college. There were a couple of times when I wondered if opening a legal marijuanan store was going to be a truly exhausting idea. After I had all of our classes plus training, I had to obtain a license to legally grow and handle marijuana. Once again, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I persevered. I was a person on a mission, plus our mission was to open a nice, profitable legal marijuana store. I had to hire people who didn’t have a record with the police. They also had to go through some pretty in depth training on marijuana plus what it was used for, plus all the effects on the body. For the employees, they could take a lot of their training online. I was finally ready to place orders for our supplies. My father was right beside myself and others the entire time, even when I ordered our entire inventory. I am now the proud part-owner of our own legal marijuana store.

legal marijuana store