Marijuana dispensary has great air filtration system

When my wife and I paid our phone bill last week, we noticed a brand new company leased the space next to the Verizon store. The new company is the first medical marijuana Treatment Center in our neighborhood. They have 2,500 square feet of space for the medical marijuana Treatment Center. My wife and I decided to walk inside and check out the place. The first thing we noticed was the indoor air quality. They had a few plants on display, and the dispensary had at least 50 different jars of marijuana strains. Still, my wife and I couldn’t smell anything but a fresh and clean air smell. My wife and I walked around for some time, before someone asked if we needed help. My wife and I that must have looked out of place, because they asked us a couple more questions. My wife and I asked if we could just walk around and look. We saw a bunch of different marijuana strains, different flavors of Edibles, and even some marijuana brownies. With 50 different strains of stinky weed, I still can’t believe the place didn’t smell like a dank bar. The air filtration system must have been expensive to install. There is a cigar bar next to my work, and I sit there sometimes after work. They have a great air filter filtration system as well. Even though my buddies and I smoke cigars, the place still doesn’t smell awful. They have several extra ventilation fans running. I guess the medical marijuana Treatment Center must have the same type of air filtration system, because the place always smells great.

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