Maps Have Evolved to Make Navigation Much Simpler

My family moved to Tampa, Florida when my little sister plus I were entering high school together.

  • Our previous town was super small plus rural, so making that big transition from that to Tampa, Florida was an adjustment.

Our old town was so small that there was only one gas station, one traffic light, plus one grocery store around. This was also back when we didn’t have any cell phones or a navigation systems to get us around. When my little sister and myself were learning how to drive a car, we got lost in Tampa, Florida frequently. My sister was the first of us to get her driver’s license. Afterwards, our parents let her drive us to the hot springs. Unfortunately, at that time, there was only a map in the car. The two of us made a wrong turn somewhere, plus didn’t realize it until we were seeing signs for Orlando. My little sister plus I were lost for what felt like hours, so we never made it to the hot springs. We actually drove around South Florida for half the afternoon, before turning around to Tampa again. Online resources with navigation systems and maps have made traveling much easier for everyone. My sister plus I were forced to navigate using an Atlas along with our memory. My teenagers can use their cell phone these days. All of our cars have navigation systems built into the vehicle, but I’m not sure my teenagers understand how to actually read a hard copy map. It seems like the world of maps have evolved quite a bit! It’s sad how my teenagers have become a lot more dependent on the technology plus less dependent on their brilliant minds.