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This November, I am taking our family on a camping trip. I was thinking about what we would need to bring, like tents and sleeping bags and the like. Last time we were sleeping in the tent, everyone kept waking up with chills! This is why I decided to grab a portable Heating and Air Conditioning unit! With this little portable machine, I am able to keep the tent sizzling-hot in the night, and if we’re day-camping in the Summer, we can use the portable Heating and Air Conditioning component to cool it down to stay comfortable. It’s such a convenient appliance to have! Keeping everyone comfortable is critical to make sure everyone enjoys camping out in the woods. Plus, I made sure we had all the gear we needed to enjoy the wilderness, like our fishing poles and bait. My guys care about fishing and taking the trails, while my wife and I love to observe the local wildlife. I can’t wait to get out there and just have a good time. Another thing I remembered to get was the insect repellent plus the citronella candles. I honestly hate mosquitos, because I remember the last trip where I was so torn up by those evil things! I even bought a bunch of different brands of insect repellent just in case some of them won’t cut it against the bugs. On the day we left to go to the campground, that’s when I forgot the portable Heating and Air Conditioning unit! My fiance said we could go separate from it, however I said no way and turned around. When we slept in the tent for the first night, everyone was absolutely grateful for the weather conditions control we had inside of our tent, because it was really chilly outside!

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