Making things more complicated than they need to be

For the past several years I’ve been talking with my husband about establishing a nice Workshop in our house. I think it would be extremely beneficial for both of us if we had a designated place for our projects. We could have proper ventilation and enough room to actually accomplish great things, if we just planned ahead and did most of the work ourselves. Recently, we’ve been talking in more detail about how we could transform a random room in the basement into said workshop. We have a few concerns about getting the space up to date, because it has been largely ignored for the past decade. First of all, we need better lighting installed down there. Secondly, we definitely need a high powered ventilation fan to remove any of the noxious fumes from our projects. Lastly, there’s no doubt that we have to install some kind of advanced heating and cooling solution so the room isn’t freezing cold year-round. Since the space is located in the basement, it’s inherently cool and wet down there. For many of our projects, we need a more moderate air temperature and a drier air quality. Therefore, it’s clear that we need some kind of HVAC modification so our central heating and cooling system can properly service this remote space. We’ve been stuck on this idea for quite a while, because the cost of extending our central HVAC system is not insignificant. After spinning our wheels and getting nowhere, I realized that we were making this too difficult. Rather than investing in a full heating and cooling system revamp, we should simply purchase a mini split ductless heating and cooling system for the workshop. I consulted with an HVAC technician and even obtained quotes for the new heating and cooling system. Now, my husband has no good excuse for his procrastination.

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