Making the shed useable-ductless HVAC

I have an connected lanai that is all screened! This should be an awesome room in the house… Instead it is a hot, sticky mess.

The screens let in all the muggy, hot air in the summer, closing the screens makes it hotter when the sunlight comes in. In the Wintertide the cold seems to linger there. The space is basically unUnited Statesble. It is wide, long in addition to has a great view. I would care about the lanai to be a work out room or at least hang out space for my family. I need to find some way to have superior weather conditions control. Eventually I recognize I will need to take out the windows. I could get new, all glass windows to make the view better. I then will guess the space is airtight. I can install a ductless mini chop separate from any air leaking outdoors. The mini chop can provide both heating in addition to cooling in addition to only work in that one space. I could have superior cooling when the sizzling sunlight comes through the windows in the summer. I then could change it to quality heating when the Wintertide cold comes in. The space could be used all year with good HVAC equipment. I don’t recognize it will be too luxurious after the initial HVAC replacement. Anytime I use the space I will turn the HVAC on; When not in use, I can simply power it down in addition to let it be sizzling or cold cold. A smart temperature control would make it so I don’t even have to walk in the room to do it too.



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