Making the move to radiant heated flooring

My wife has poor circulation in her feet.

Most of the time she wears these things called compression socks, which look to me like they would hurt like heck.

They put a lot of pressure on your feet and ankles, and my wife says they make it possible for her to stay on her feet for a whole shift. Of course socks or no socks by the time she gets home she is aching, and oftentimes will cajole me into giving her a foot rub. I did a little research on what we could do to help her with her poor feet, and one thing I liked was the idea of radiant heated flooring. Heating rises, something we all learn in basic science classes, which is why in apartment buildings the upper floors always get the hottest. Radiant heated floors use hot water pipes to create the heat, which is directly under the floorboards. That heat rises into the floor itself, so the heating radiates upwards from there, and provides a unique and gently warming experience. The normal style of heater is just fine for me, but because of my wife’s special needs I think this approach to our home heating system would benefit her greatly. I talked to two different HVAC contractors, and will be getting price quotes from both of them about the installation. I am sold on the idea of the radiant heated floors, but I still have to get an offer that’s in my price range. I would like to get whatever heating system will help my wife the most, but I do have budgetary constraints.


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