Making my hotel an apartment rental

For years our family has been in the motel business, and we had fourteen rooms plus an attached bar with the business.

It had been in the family for over 40 years, but my family and I wanted to retire.

My neighborhood is too small to entirely support a motel business. Basically it had stayed afloat due to the bar. What I wanted to do was convert the motel contractor into an office party rental complex, then there are a lot of corporations coming into the neighborhood that need office spaces. Our neighborhood simply doesn’t have the room to build sizable office buildings plus there is nowhere to rent. I looked around online on how to convert our motel rooms into office spaces. I managed to find a place that helps converting spaces into offices, and I called them. The people were amazing at what they did. I talked to a building planner plus he drew up all the ideas I came up with, and rather than 14 tiny motel rooms, it is 7 giant office buildings. The showers were ripped out and now there are only toilets. The bar is no longer a bar, but a major office part for perhaps a boss to rent out. The flooring and the walls were completely redone as well. The building is finally remodeled and looks incredible. I can’t wait to put out there that I have office spaces for rent. I think I am going to get a lot of business. Maybe I can hand over this new business or sell it easier so I can retire now.


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