Making my heater work

My hubby & I stayed at a rustic log condo during our last trip up north. The condo had all the feeling of home: a living room, BBQ, separate dining room and small home office.  What I liked most about the log condo was the gas fireplace in the living room. It was controlled with a temperature dial and the flame would come on & off in order to keep the temperature correct.  Not being used to this kind of heater, my hubby & I had to keep reminding each other against put luggage or other items near the gas fireplace for fear of creating a fire. The two of us would also turn off the flame whenever we left the log condo for a few hours just to be on the safe side. The gas fireplace worked really well heating up the home office & living room. It did not do unquestionably well for the dining room and bathroom though. Even when every one of us left the doors open, those room remained freezing. Thankfully, the condo provided an electric radiator heating system we could plug into the dining room area. Even this didn’t heat up that tiny bathroom though.  And the bathroom was too small to fit a heater! Despite all of this, we had a fantastic time and I really loved the gas fireplace. If I were to get one for our own lake condo someday, I wonder if it’s possible to vent such a heater to different section of a house. If not, I believe it could run as a more traditional central furnace. But maybe it could even be hooked to the same temperature control so they kick on & off at the same time.

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