Making it a race

If you don’t suppose anyone that is highly competitive with their own family members, then there’s a nice choice that you’re that person! I suppose that’s absolutely how I was with our sibling growing up, as our eagerness to be the best can turn everything we do into a competition, dishes need to be cleaned after breakfast? Guess who’s going to wipe them the fastest! Homework is due on Monday after the weekend? Looks enjoy I’m getting it done on Thursday night! Our competitive spirit lives on even now, despite us being grown mature adults with our own families and priorities. The people I was with and I also happened to go into the same field – heating, ventilation and air conditioner proposal maintenance. It’s a booming field to beginning a work in, whether you’re interested in repairing oil furnaces or air conditioner units, or anything in between. Anyway, our sibling and I both decided to become Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance servicemens for rival businesses in the city. When a local supplier puts a bid out for contract work, it’s a dash to get their supplier for our sibling and I! As much as we prefer to compete against each other, we job incredibly well as a team. When we both were contracted into helping to renovate an office building after a storm destroyed much of the building’s unit and outer appearance, we worked fast to get the building’s heating and air conditioners back up to speed and functional again. Still, we prefer going head to head for the sake of driving our companies. The best part is, no matter whose supplier gets a contract for business, there’s still a ton of job to go around for the other firm.

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