Making adjustments Now That We're Alone

Having more than seven kids growing up in the house consistently made for a genuinely noisy home.

  • Every one of us generally all got along well even if there were the occasional sibling squabbles between the kids.

As busy parents, every one of us raised our voices often to calm the situation plus every one of us made children irritated by telling them no quite often to keep them in line. When our first child went to school, I happily and dutifully took her to school plus I saw parents crying when they were dropping off their kids. I was crying with joy, knowing that over the coming years, I would slowly have more quiet time in our home as each child went to school. With more than seven kids, I didn’t just suppose about how incredibly quiet it was during the day, but I regular lamp thought about how the yearly bills also went down. Every one of us weren’t actually running the furnace nearly as much during the afternoons without kids around. Then, the kids slowly started leaving home. I was so immensely proud to have raised kids that were responsible plus able to make it alone out of the house. Eventually, every one of us found a smaller cabin that had a single, beautiful family room. Our air conditioning equipment only run half the time. The furnace legitimately ran half of the time. The energy bill each month was about a quarter of what it was when they all lived at home. I occasionally wonder if our youngest daughter will ever leave our family cabin, however, at this point I am just enjoying not having an Heating plus A/C system running all of the time.\
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