Make sure things work

My wife and I waited for years to find the perfect house.  She knew what she wanted and that was at least three bedrooms and a kitchen that was large and airy.  I just wanted to have a huge garage with a workroom. When we found the house, we were both really excited.  I took one look at the garage in the backyard, and I was hooked. I was envisioning all of the changes I was going to make.  As soon as we got moved in, I called all of my old pals and my brothers, and we got to work on our new playroom. We wanted it to be totally decked out for football games, and playing cards.  This was going to be the MEN cave for all of us. Everyone was chipping in. We had a TV set, a gaming system, and a refrigerator for the beer and snacks. Someone brought in a poker table with the chair, they had found at a yard sale.  My brother donated the pool table his wife was making him get out of her living room. Now, I only needed to get some kind of cooling system into the garage. I talked to several people about different kinds of AC systems. Someone said about a portable space air conditioner, but I didn’t like that idea.  I knew I wasn’t going to put in ductwork, and there wasn’t any room for a bunch of air vents. We finally decided to chip in and buy a mini-split HVAC system. It provided great ventilation, so the cigars didn’t stink up the place, and the air conditioning was terrific.

air conditioning unit