Maintenance problems you should know

I have to say that, as an HVAC technician, maintenance calls are my least favorite work calls. Regular maintenance comes around in the spring when people are preparing for summer; or the fall when the system needs to prepared for winter temperatures. The problem with these maintenance calls is that most people do not care for their HVAC units properly. Yes, we come in two times a year to basic cleaning and maintenance. But, the customer still needs to change out the air filters regularly. Heck, they could even take a vacuum to the air vents if they had an extra moment. So, when I show up to a house and I have to pry open a rusted air vent, you know that this is going to be a big job. You know if it is rusted closed for you, then that air filter as not been changed since the last service! A careful scan around the room to see the number of cats wandering, you now know it is going to one big fur ball! I am tired just thinking about it. And, anyone with rusted vents has to mean that their ductwork is undoubtedly covered in bugs. Soon, what was supposed to be an in and out job of an hour, turns into an all day adventure I didn’t want or get paid extra for. Why is it so hard for people to pay a little more close attention to their appliances? What could take you ten minutes max has now made hours of work for me that didn’t have to be.