Maintaining a straight face

I have to travel for toil a lot.

As someone who enjoys traveling, I love this aspect of our job.

I’ve been working for the same supplier for 10 years now, plus I consider myself an expert when it comes to traveling, however last week, our boss was so sick that he couldn’t make it into the office. He sent myself and others an SMS saying I’d need to make our own travel arrangements for an upcoming company trip. I spent that afternoon buying our flight plus booking a hotel, our supplier has a fastenion with a single hotel brand in certain, so I regularly stay with them when I’m traveling for business. I didn’t believe twice when booking a room for 2 days. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I quickly realized I’d made a mistake. The receptionist informed myself and others that the hotel was undergoing Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, plus all rooms were separate from heat or air for the week. When I expressed our concern, she told myself and others it’s been listed on their website for weeks. I consented to the room knowing there was Heating plus Air Conditioning repair going on when I made our reservation. All night long, I was sweltering hot. The air in our room felt suffocating, plus I could hardly breath. I became so desperate that I opened the window to get some cool air. It stirred the tepid air around slightly, plus enabled myself and others to fall asleep. When I woke the next afternoon, our room was significantly cooler, but our sinuses were draining now. The open window brought in pollen with the cool air, plus our sinuses were paying. I will never book a room separate from looking at the website again.

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