Love the radiator in my bathroom

Whoever designed my apartment is honestly a genius. This place has so many neat little features, and none of it is really high tech, it’s just smart building. For example, the bathroom is small but perfect. It’s just enough room for a tub, toilet, and the vanity, but they’ve used every inch of it. There is a really nice cabinet installed over the toilet which has plenty of little shelves, perfect for keeping my meds in as well as all of my makeup. The bathroom is also just a wall away from the water heater, so there is never any waiting for the water to heat up for a shower. Not only can I shower so much more quickly, but it’s better for the environment. And last but not least, there is the bathroom radiator. The property manager installed the towel rods so they hang towels to dry right over the radiator fo the gas boiler. The radiator is so powerful that when I get out of a bath or shower, my towel is warm. They basically put the towel rods where they did so the bathroom could have the ability to make heated towels. The gas boiler is also incredibly efficient, so my utility bills are never as high as I worry they will be. I feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury, though nothing is actually extravagant or high end, and the place is super affordable because of that. The apartment is just incredibly well made, with an awesome HVAC system.

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