Love radiant floors plus how good they are for air quality

I used to worry about our air quality! Back in the day when I had a gas furnace that used air duct, air quality was a major concern, and the gas furnace was constantly dusty plus so were the air ducts.

The gas furnace then blew air plus the dust leaked all over the place, however i was constantly inhaling harmful indoor air conditions plus getting sick.

I would have to get ductlabor cleaning every year plus never forget professional heating service. Even with this, I would still know sick plus fatigued due to our air quality. I thought about UV lights, air purification plus investing in a humidifier to help our indoor air pollen levels. But, thankfully the gas furnace died before this happened! Rather than get another gas furnace, I went with heated flooring. I removed all the old, dusty carpets plus replaced with tile. Before the brick went down, electric heated mats went first, then with this heating device, no air is blown. It is just electric heat under the feet, then since there is no air or ductlabor used, the air quality is so much fresher. I also don’t have to worry about dry air quality with the gas furnace being on. The air feels cleaner plus much more natural, but another bonus is that the heated flooring is totally silent in operation plus none of the heat rises to the ceiling; Not only do I prefer the heated flooring way better, however it is twice as efficient as that old gas furnace system. I guess it was meant to be that the gas furnace unit prematurely died. So thrilled I went with a modern plan over buying air quality devices.

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