Love my a/c system

My region is known for its thunderstorms.

From late April into early November, our section is bombarded with constant rain showers and harsh thunderstorms.

We usually get hit the worst late in the days as the day slowly transforms into night. Although our beach house is at a high elevation, many of our neighbors within a half-mile radius are always at risk for flash floods when both of us get hit with enough rain. Since the winds are always strong as well, tree branches fall and cause injure to cars, roofs, roads, and powerlines. It’s extremely aggravating when I’m trying to work on our ipad and the power goes out randomly while both of us were in a surprise thunderstorm. But, one substantial problem is that our power seems to keep going in and out regardless of whether or not a powerline was physically disfigured. The rain alone can spur a more than one-hour power outage. Since it’s genuinely boiling in our region, the temperature in our beach house climbs with the a/c off for long periods of time. I get uncomfortably covered in sweat and our beach house begins to smell after so long without constant air flow from the central Heating and A/C system. Thankfully, I found an affordable storm generator that runs on gasoline and produces enough electricity to power our spare portable a/c. I use this portable a/c as a make-shift heating and cooling system whenever our central Heating and A/C is down or being inspected. Even if I can’t get our ipad back on, I have peace of mind whenever there’s a power outage now because I always recognize that I will at least keep an a/c running. It might not be a replacement for a central a/c, but it is surely better than nothing.


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