Losing ac on a road trip

When you think about a road trip with old college buddies, you imagine lots of beer, good weed, as well as spending quality time as frat bros while on the way to a current destination.

Some people take road trips to see family members during the holidays as well as sometimes people just jump in the car to have fun on their way to an unknown destination.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a road trip. But, before heading out on the road for a long trip, it is important to maintain your vehicle. An oil change, tire inflation as well as a thorough cleaning are all good measures to take prior to a road trip. One thing that nobody thinks would happen on a long road trip is that their air conditioner might no longer work, but it happens! One time I was on a road trip to see my college friend who lived in another city. Half way through my adventure, I realized that the air conditioner was no longer blowing chilly air. I was about half way through the trip as well as thought it would not be too exhausting to go separate from AC for another day as well as a half. But, I was wrong. I stopped by an AC repair shop off of the highway, but they were unable to help me. They tried to recharge the AC, but it was no help. The AC specialist told me that it was likely the compressor that would cost over a thousand dollars to update.


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