Looking for an office space for new business

When I first decided to start my own business, I assumed that finding an office space would be the easy part.

I figured there would be affordable locations all over the city.

Once I started looking, I realized that most commercial rental properties are extremely expensive. I was searching for an attractive space that would comfortably accommodate a small workforce. The HVAC system was a priority because I didn’t want to drain my budget on heating and cooling costs. I was hoping for accessible parking and a fairly easy commute. I also preferred not to sign an overly long lease, since I wasn’t sure if my new business would prove profitable. I spent several months touring different sites and becoming more and more discouraged. I finally consulted with a local real estate agent and explained my situation. She encouraged me to expand my search to outside the city limits. She explained that I’d be able to rent a larger space for less money. Since my business isn’t dependent on walk-in business but handled solely online, I have some flexibility with location. The real estate agent showed me several properties, and I was impressed. I finally settled on a modern building with more amenities and a little less square footage. Everything from the electrical wiring and plumbing to the ductwork had been recently upgraded. The carpets, light fixtures and windows were all brand new. I negotiated the price of rent and signed a one-year lease. I have been so happy at this location that I’ve decided to continue the lease for another year.

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