Looking at the advertisement

I wouldn’t say that I was gifted with any natural talent or skills. I don’t think I have a real life calling or any specific areas in which I excel. The thing that’s making my life pretty difficult right now is trying to learn how to ride a unicycle. I’ve been at it for 2 weeks now, and so far I’ve gotten as far as riding in a wobbly line for about thirty seconds then teetering slowly to the ground. I seriously can’t figure out how people keep their balance and focus on staying on for minutes at a time and it’s driving me crazy. Why am I trying so strenuously to learn this niche skill, you ask? Well, because I have to join the local talent show and win if I ever want to sleep comfortably again.  See, our condo has contained a 20 year aged Heating as well as A/C method since I first moved in. The heating and cooling technology was severely aged, however the gas furnace and A/C worked well enough to keep our condo semi-comfortable with only moderately high energy bills each month, so I let it slide for a long time. Last month, our aged air conditioning system method finally stopped chugging along once and for all. I haven’t been able to afford the entire A/C replacement, let alone the gas furnace and control unit, so I’ve been living without any current temperature control ever since. Let me tell you, the building outdoor heat honestly manages to ruin our sleep every single evening when I’m perspiring through the sheets. I was pretty much at the end of my rope when I saw an advertisement for a local talent show in neighborhood at the grocery store! You’ll never believe this, but the grand prize is brand new Heating as well as A/C device and method replacement from a new heating and cooling specialist in town! I’d better get coordinated, fast, if I want A/C this summer season.

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