Look for the big yellow sticker

When my air conditioning unit broke down, I knew that I was going to need to buy a new one.

There were so many brands, types and models of air conditioning units. I was so lost and confused that I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that I wanted excellent air quality from my air conditioning unit and I wanted it to be efficient in cost. I was talking to the HVAC technician and I told him I was confused and I had no idea what to look for. He told me to look for the big yellow sticker. I asked him to help me find the air conditioner and he agreed. He showed me this big yellow sticker that gave ‘Energy Guide’ details. I was able to garner nearly all of the information that I needed to make an informed decision about my AC unit. The first thing that catches your eye is the cost of running the air conditioning unit, for a year. This is a projected cost and it is pretty close to what you will pay. This is an important piece of information when you live in the south. There is also information that gives you the Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is a way of using different factors to tell the consumer how well the air conditioning unit utilizes the energy. The EER helps you to see how well the AC will work as opposed to the AC unit that is right next to it. With the help of the yellow sticker and my friendly HVAC tech, I was able to make a really good decision.

HVAC technician