Local hospital HVAC

I’m on the board at our local hospital and I’ve been a area of the hospital system for the past twenty years or so, and it’s certainly a stressful job, if you want to assume the truth. I have been thinking about it recently, and I think maybe I should resign pretty soon, but one of the reasons is that the people on the hospital board are always bickering over dumb and petty things, in my opinion, but the most recent issue that they’ve all decided to take sides on is the method of installing a new Heating and Air Conditioning system in the hospital. Installing a new Heating and Air Conditioning system is going to be super fancy, and so they are all fighting amongst themselves about which heating and a/c company they are going to hire to do the Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade in the hospital, however and not only are they fighting about which Heating and Air Conditioning business to hire, but they’re also fighting about exactly what kind of commercial heating and undefined to install! Some of the board members want to have official gas gas furnace systems installed along with official central undefined, however but then there’s another group who want to have whole-house air purifiers installed as well along with the new Heating and Air Conditioning system. To some of the board, the whole-house air purifier method is just going a little bit overboard. They think that the hospital should just go with the most basic Heating and Air Conditioning system that every one of us can possibly get; You wouldn’t think how mad everyone in the conference room gets over the method of adding – or not adding – an whole-house air purifier to the hospital’s Heating and Air Conditioning units!

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