Living without AC and hating it

I will never forget how miserable and uncomfortable it was living without a cooling system in the house. When I was growing up, there were two choices for air control: the ON position or the OFF position, on the window fans. When the temperature rose high, I would jump in the pool for temporary relief from the heat. My parents never thought a central heating and air cooling system would be worth the money. I guess they figured a HVAC system was overrated. I always struggled with allergy symptoms and asthma, when I was younger. My doctor used to tell me that, if we had an air conditioning unit in the house, my allergy symptoms wouldn’t be so severe, and the cooler air would help me breathe better. After I grew up, and moved out on my own, I never lived anywhere that didn’t have a central air conditioning system. I still had allergy problems and asthma, but the symptoms were less severe. One day, a HVAC technician was at our house for a regular semi-annual maintenance checkup. He said that he couldn’t help but notice the air purifiers around the house. He asked if air quality was important to me and explained the benefits of having a built-in air scrubber on our HVAC system. It’s a small electronic device, that looks like a smoke detector, and attaches to the inside unit. The scrubber acts as an air purification system for the entire house by reducing the chemicals, dangerous contaminants, mold, odors, and pollutants in the air.  We couldn’t resist getting it, and we had it installed, immediately. It wasn’t until my husband and I purchased an air scrubber for our HVAC system, that I noticed an enormous impact on the health benefits.

air purifier