Living with less is more

Me and my wife have found a whole lot of advantages to living in a much smaller home. Our first house felt too big and too drafty and was a real pain to keep warm or cool in the summer and winter, respectively. There was also just so much wasted space. We did not need a home that big! Cleaning it was also a pain. It felt so big and empty and lonely when one of us was there on our own. The energy bills were also pretty high, again, do in large part to having to heat and cool such a large space, when we only really used a fraction of it. That is why we decided to downsize considerably in our next home. Because it was going to be so small, we actually had the money to have it custom-built! When the house was completed, we absolutely adored it. It felt so much more homey, and it did not even feel all that cramped. There was plenty of space for the two of us and all our things, though I can say that they was certainly no longer any wasted space. We also saved tons of money on our energy bills. We did not even need central heating and air conditioning! Because it is such a small space, our home only requires a few window air conditioning units and some portable space heaters! That’s all we need! And yet, both the heating and the air conditioning is sufficient all throughout the year for us!

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