Living in a house full of girls

I am in college so to say money is tight is an understatement. I am taking about six classes and it is really hard for me to keep up with my school work, my job and my social life. I have been struggling with money ever since I got to school my parents can’t afford to help me out like most of my friends parents. So I have to live with six other girls in order to be able to afford rent each month. It is really hard to live with this many people because everyone’s idea of how things should be done is different. One thing no one can agree on is what temperature to get the thermostat on. I swear everyday someone is arguing over the heating and cooling system. I don’t really care what the thermostat is set on because I have a window air conditioner unit in my room. It was a gift from my parents once they heard that I was having trouble with the HVAC system in my house. My parents don’t ever give me big gift so this was a huge surprise. I really love the air conditioner window unit I have because this means I get to avoid the daily HVAC fights in the house. I told the other girls that they should invest in an air conditioner window unit like mine but they don’t want to listen to me, they just continue to argue over the temperature of the thermostat. Hopefully I won’t have to live like this much longer.

HVAC zone control