Little cooling unit in the house

I have been friends with this guy for quite a few years now.  He has never really been interested in getting married, because he says that girls just want to use you.  I was really happy for him when he came to me a couple of weeks ago and told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend.  They had been dating for several years already. I always thought that she just wanted him in her life, because she had a lot of problems with her HVAC system.  They met when he came to her house to fix the air conditioning one night. I guess once they talked for a while, he thought she may be fun to hang out with. I had to laugh when he told me this, but I was happy for him.  I had to know however, if he really knew what kind of girl she was, and the real reason why she started to date him. He had to laugh. He said he knew she wasn’t marrying him for his money. They really liked each other, and they got along well, but he wasn’t sure if he was in love even if he did love her.  He said that as long as they had the heating and air conditioning in common, it was a marriage that would last forever. I had to laugh, because the need for heating and air conditioning was going to be around for a long time to come. Maybe he did choose right for his life mate, when he asked her to marry him.