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A landing page is the first page your potential purchaser will see when they click-through from your PPC ad.

Your landing page needs to be full of information and give the purchaser a possibility to contact you immediately.

Within a few short paragraphs, the future purchaser should suppose all about your corporation. So, if you are wondering why your PPC isn’t performing up to expectations, maybe it is your landing page, or lack thereof. Are you truly driving PPC traffic to your website? Maybe you are irritated because your PPC ad account isn’t profitable? Are you ready to give up on ever having a successful PPC campaign? Maybe your online competitions seems to be too big of a competitive edge? By not having a good landing page, your PPC ad campaign is going to fail. I once heard an old cliche that said, ‘don’t put the cart before the horse’. If you are trying to set up a pay per click advertising campaign with a landing page, that is exactly what you are doing. It is okay to attach your PPC ad to a home page or the product page of your website, if you want to lose your money. You need to have a PPC campaign that is linked to a landing page that is unique ly created for conversions. Your landing page needs to offer unique information, and push traffic toward actions such as getting their contact information along with giving your contact information, and giving information on what the clients problems are. Offer something to them such as an informational pamphlet. Everyone likes free things, even if it something to read. PPC ads will get them to click on your website, but you need the landing page to keep them there.