Most people these days hardly visit their local library. With this being the age and era of the internet where everything is available through a few simple google searches, the only way people even visit libraries anymore is to use their computers when the person’s home PC is down! Not me though, I feel a library is much better than the internet and you can find so much more. This was true when I went to the library to research and read some books on how to fix a serious problem I was having with my heating and air conditioning system. I really did not want to spend the money if I did not have to on heating and cooling repair from some over priced heating and air conditioning specialist, if I could fix it myself. Getting education and doing some reading was the way to see if I could avoid the heating and cooling repair call. I spent one Saturday all afternoon till closing in the library reading all kinds of books on heating and air conditioning repair. And, not to mention, I even learned a few things about air ducts, ductwork cleaning and some other things. This was not a wasted day, because I found exactly what I was looking for in the end, and I was able to service and repair my very own heating and air conditioning system with no phone call to the local heating and air conditioning company needed! I was very proud of myself! And so was my bank account too. I saved a few hundred bucks doing it myself!

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