Let’s get this air conditioner going

I was working multiple jobs. I worked from home and also picked up a job at a restaurant. While it was certainly great working from home, I didn’t make enough money doing just that. The thing I liked the best about working from home though is that I could adjust the temperature control to my liking. It was really great being perfectly comfortable as I was doing my work. At the restaurant on the other hand, it was a total nightmare. There was definitely uneven heating and cooling inside of the venue, and I would receive neverending complaints about it! What was I supposed to do? I already let the managers know that we had a serious problem with the HVAC equipment in the place, but they would just shrug it off. They wouldn’t even bother to contact an HVAC company to take care of the problem! I thought it could be a number of things that were wrong with the HVAC system. It could have been clogged up ductwork and HVAC vents, there could have been holes in the ductwork, or perhaps they just needed an HVAC upgrade altogether. I wasn’t really sure, but they didn’t seem to care. Eventually, I was so sick of the complaints, that I just yelled at the manager in front of everyone! I told him if he was too cheap to hire an HVAC technician to fix the climate control system, then I was leaving! I then quit and left that very day leaving an embarrassed and stunned manager behind. I found out from one of my friends later that he called the HVAC company after I left.

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