Learning How to SAve Money on Heating and Cooling is Helpful

When I wake up in the morning I constantly listen to this a single talk boombox station while I am waking up for the day. I have my respected coffee & toast. And while I do this I am getting ready to prepare for the long work day I will soon face. The other day they were having a sizable discussion about using less energy in the home. And then they got on the subject of alternate ways to heat & cool where you live. Alternate meaning not using your central heating & a/c. They were talking about how central HVAC is such a big part of high electric bills. They mentioned that these large energy corporations get more and more of our money every year. So the whole system of the talk show on the morning news show was to tell you lovely energy saving tips to be able to stick it to these electric company crooks. And stop them from getting as rich! The first energy saving tip was to put in place a portable area gas furnace to run for heating one room at a time. By doing this it would use hardly any energy compared to the central heating system that heats empty space. Then on the other side of things there were portable a/c & portable air conditioning units mentioned as an energy saving tip for the dog days of summer when you are running your central a/c all the time. Many people have been trying all sorts of money-saving ideas & ending up with smaller more affordable utility bills.

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