Laying down in my kitchen

I recently got and fixed up a little space. I set up the building to be a karate studio and planned on instructing classes the following month. I am going to give back on getting classes started since the place is not finished. I totally did not remember about installing an air conditioning system. When doing karate, AC is really needed If you get too warm, you can pass out or slip on your bare feet. Next, who wants to spend cash for courses and be covered in sweat the whole time? Even if the karate kids did not want air conditioning system, I wanted it for when I worked out. The part that is mainly due to me not setting up my karate studio smart. I picked out the section for the lavatory and had a plumber set it up. I then got my clock system, desk and unit all set up. By the moment I remembered AC equipment, the whole locale was set up. I had an air conditioning system company at my studio and she was not happy with me. She wanted to put the AC system where my lavatory was. Since the lav is all sealed off, that won’t work anymore. She now is saying that forced air air conditioning system is no longer a choice for me. I have to go with a less power ductless mini split air conditioning system. The girl wants to put the ductless AC machine right above my mirror as well. It will look terrible there.

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