Laughter and A/C are The Best Medicines

I don’t think there is anyone in our country who has not heard the expressions that declares laughter to be the best medicine. In fact, there is even a joke column in a popular magazine with the same title. For a long time, I thought there was nothing truer than that. Laughter really can make you feel better when you just don’t feel quite like yourself, or even when you are downright sick. But now that I’m grown, have a lot of living under my belt, and watched my then-husband nearly die from sepsis, I want to add to the expression. Nothing makes you feel better more than laughter and air conditioning! When you go to the doctor, have you ever noticed how chilly it is in there? The a/c thermostat is set lower than the one at home because germs love heat. The air conditioning helps reduce the life and spread of germs. You go, a/c! In fact, the first rudimentary a/c unit was invented by a doctor for his TB ward. That’s no coincidence. If you admit the doctor’s office is cold, you should feel the operating room. The a/c is blasting in there. Again, the a/c helps reduce the chance of infection. When my husband was so sick with infection, the air conditioner in his ICU room was set as cold as it would go. And they ran the ceiling fan and a box fan, too. I needed a blanket to go visit! In fact, the blanket came straight out of the blanket heater! A/C and laughter in your life? Say goodbye to bad health!

ac worker