Laughing while the furnace died

My daughters and I were sitting at the dining room table, talking about when they were young.

My oldest daughter’s husband had gone off with his father-in-law for a weekend of fishing and we were at home with the kids.

We sat there laughing while trying to keep the noise level low enough not to wake the kids. We were having a good time over a couple bottles of wine when the youngest came out of the room. He was crying and shivering and he cuddled up on my lap and told me to hold him. I didn’t mind holding him, but the little guy was freezing. I went in and got a blanket to wrap around him. He said it was cold in the bedroom. My daughter went back and checked the thermostat, but she said the furnace wasn’t responding. I laid my now sleeping grandson down onto the sofa and tucked extra blankets around him. I went down to look at the furnace, but it didn’t seem to be working, no matter what I did. I was going to call my husband, but I remembered that they didn’t have any service at the cabin. I called the HVAC company to see if there was anyone who could come look at the furnace. He told me he could have someone out within an hour, but I had to pay late night fees. Twenty minutes later, the HVAC technician showed up. He was able to get the furnace running within twenty minutes. When he realized he went to school with my daughters, he sat down and had a cup of coffee with us, while trying to convince my youngest that he had changed and she should go out with him.

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