Lately I have been having trouble finding a quality air conditioner

For the last few weeks I have been trying to find a used AC system.

The reason that I want a used AC system is because it’s too expensive for me to afford a new HVAC system and it’s so expensive. I know that a lot of people get a new AC unit every few years even when they don’t really need them. A lot of HVAC technicians will recommend a new HVAC system and since the customer doesn’t know much they will say okay. I have gotten all of my AC units from sales or garage sales, and they have worked perfectly. Sometimes I need to put in some old HVAC parts to get things up and running but nothing I can’t do myself. On occasion I have had to call my friend that works as an HVAC technician to ask him what I should do, but usually I can figure things out on my own. I used to want to be an HVAC technician but that never took off. Now I am having trouble locating a quality AC unit and this has never happened to me. I am not sure if people are just keeping their AC units longer or what. I have needed a new air conditioner for a few weeks because my old one is way too loud. I have tried to put new HVAC parts into my system but I think that the AC unit is almost 20 years old at this point. I can usually get about 15 to 20 years out of an AC unit, even after I get it. My HVAC friend has told me that it’s impressive that I can make my AC units last so long.


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