Lack of air conditioning almost wrecks wedding

My sibling put so much time and effort into making sure he had the perfect wedding, then he planned his wedding since he was a kid, however once Carl proposed to her, he spent over a year making all of the arrangements… And it showed, his dress was gorgeous, the decorations were real flowers and it odored great, but the wedding hall was all done up and looked gorgeous.

There was only one problem; there was something wrong with the air conditioning at the site, then we observed in immediately on the afternoon of the wedding.

We talked to the owners of the place and they just kept insisting that the air conditioning was working fine, then i can tell you that it wasn’t. People were fanning themselves by the time the bride walked down the aisle, by the time the ceremony ended, the makeup was running on all of us bride’s maids. The reception was not any cooler. The bride and groom had to rush to split the cake before the frosting started melting. All of the flowers started wilting in the heat too. I felt so bad for my sibling. His pressing afternoon was ruined by something as easy as a broken air conditioning. But if he was disappointed, he didn’t show it. Air conditioning, or no air conditioning, Michelle just glowed with happiness. I, on the other hand, glowed because of the heat. Thankfully the reception wrapped up rather abruptly and I was able to go back house to my air conditioned cabin and relax under the cool vents. I haven’t thought a whole lot about my wedding, if I ever get married, but I can assure you that I will make sure that it has superb air conditioning.
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