Kitchen sink leak

Last weekend, I went to my mom’s house for dinner.

I took the kids, and my mom made lasagna, garlic bread, and cheesecake.

We sat at the kitchen table for an hour, talking about the kids and life. I offered to clean up the dishes, but my mom protested. Still, I decided to start rinsing things and stack them and the dishwasher. While I was washing the dishes, I heard a leak under the sink. I opened the doors and looked inside. It was dark, so I grabbed a flashlight from the pantry. Sure enough, the main Kitchen pipe was leaking. It was leaking significantly, if you ask me. There was an old ceramic bowl sitting under the sink, and it was half full of water. I asked my mom if the sink was leaking for a long time, and she shrugged her shoulders. I didn’t have any tools to work on the problem, so I emptied the bowl and stuck a towel under the pipe. A few days later, my mom called me in a panic. The towel was soaked, and my mom broke the pipe. She was trying to replace the towel and empty the bowl, when she accidentally broke the pipe. I grabbed a box of tools and headed to my mom’s house. When I arrived, the whole kitchen was full of water. I tightened the Fasteners on the pipe, but they were completely stripped. I had to shut off the water to the house and call a plumber. I knew I should have called a licensed plumber days ago.



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