Just leave the air conditioner

I work as a merchandising executive assistant in a huge office complex.  Ever since I started, there has been a problem with the air conditioning.  It seemed there was no rhyme or reason as to how much air conditioning we were going to get.  We were always either freezing hot. The thermostat wasn’t doing its job, because it never kept the office at an even temperature.  Maybe it wasn’t the thermostat at all, and they needed to get a new HVAC system that would work properly. The funny thing is that I work for a company that is in home improvement.  I guess it goes to say that if you want to see lousy plumbing, go to a plumber’s house. It just doesn’t make sense that the corporate offices of a home improvement company would have such lousy HVAC.  It’s not like we don’t specialize in HVAC systems and installation, because that is one of our major products. In the office I work in, we laugh about the situation. We have what we all call work jackets.  We keep jackets at work, so that when the air conditioning turns on, we don’t have to worry about freezing. During the winter, when the furnace is running, we have the jackets for the in between running, but when the furnace kicks in, we can just take them off and cool off.  After five years, I gave up on the job and I went someplace. I was talking to a girl that I had worked with there, and wouldn’t you know what she said. She told me that that a month after I left, they had installed a brand new HVAC system, complete with new thermostats and Zone Control in every office.

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