Just don’t feel yoga is a good workout

Anytime I want to tick my friend Beth off I make a joke about yoga.

My buddy goes to a yoga class three times a week and swears by it.

She always tells me what a good work out it is and how sore she is. Beth is more of an academic than a physical girl. She is just thin, no muscle on her at all. Her yoga poses are just that, a pose. She simply holds positions for an hour three days a week. That just sounds boring to me. I’m sure that yoga is good for balance and flexibility, but only doing it can’t be good. What gets her heart pumping? How is she gaining muscle? I constantly joke that yoga is simply holding a lunge position. My buddy acts like it is so advanced that I could not possibly understand. If I did not work out, I would let her do this. But, I go to a body and wellness center five days a week. Two days a week I do a private fitness class and three days a week I do a group fitness class. I have a personal trainer that gives me exercises and monitors my progress. I go so many days so I can rotate what part of the body I work on. One day is strength and the other is cardio. I then do legs, arms and ab focus days. I feel I am more balanced than my buddy. I certainly look like I do more than her. I really want to talk to my personal trainer about yoga benefits.
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