Just a Flip of the HVAC Switch

But even being in the South, there is still a bit of winter

The summer here in the South is a beast. I adore the weather here for 9 months of the year. However, those 3 months during the summer, it is hard to love living here. I’m an outside oriented person so being cooped up during the peak heating hours is a big drag. But, it is certainly preferable to heat stroke. I’m very thankful to have a state of the are HVAC system. Without it, the summers would be misery. I had this heat pump put in just 2 years ago. I love a heat pump and the new ones have really upped their game. When I put the new HVAC heating and cooling system, I took the opportunity to really tighten up my home. I resealed everything from the perimeter of the attic to every crack I could find on the exterior of my home. This coupled with the new technology or my heat pump made a tremendous difference. That summer was just as hot but my energy bills were nearly 25 percent less. The other thing that is so great about the heat pump is its versatility. Usually, by late September, the a/c is not running nearly as much. We are even able to open the windows at night which is lovely. But even being in the South, there is still a bit of winter. Certainly, our winters pale in comparison to up North. But, it sure is nice to be able to flip the HVAC switch to “Heat” and we’re plenty warm.