I've never had to use the heater in my car

A few months ago I had to buy a new car without much warning.

My vehicle was suddenly inoperable, and there was no choice but to head out to a dealership and make an expensive purchase.

At the time, I was extremely concerned with getting the task completed so I had a way to get to work. I wasn’t extremely worried about the details, assuming that the car would start when I told it to and stop when I gave the command. I went out to a local dealership, tried out a vehicle that seems like it would suit my needs, and walked away with a new car. I thought that I had done a pretty good job resolving this drama, but I realized much later that I had overlooked some details. Namely, I had only test driven the car In the heat of the summer. I actually had no experience trying to operate the vehicle in the middle of a chilly winter. I found out the hard way that I made a terrible mistake failing to think about the heater in my vehicle. At first, the inside of my car seemed a bit chilly as I was heading north. Soon, I was making a long road trip back home, driving through ice and snow the entire way and freezing my butt off. It became clear that there was absolutely no working heat on board. I couldn’t stop and have the heater repaired, so I had to soldier on in my ice-cold vehicle.You’d better believe that I was shaming myself for my heating negligence the entire way.
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