It’s very warm here

My family plus myself live in the west country area, where we are entirely accustomed to running the AC equipment all of the time. The two of us experience multiple days of hot + cold temperatures, that are equally close to the 3 digit range. One day last week, my son took an egg from the refrigerator, plus went out doors to the garage. My son plays the egg on the concrete outside of the garage, plus the two of us were easily shocked to see it frying right before our eyes. The two of us equally believe this was a multiple wives tale. The two of us have noticed and influx on our A/C bills also. With the temperatures high + humid, there are multiple reasons for the two of us to run the A/C equipment consistently. The two of us have seen our bill increased by 80%, plus there doesn’t seem to be much the two of us can do to fix that. The two of us have tried a few ways to save on our A/C equipment, but the temperatures are stifling warm. The two of us don’t get much of a break from using the A/C equipment, until the winter season. At least we get a break from high bills during the winter, because the two of us easily do not require any type of heating equipment in our multiple room townhouse. I sure wouldn’t mind having some type of A/C equipment in every room, but that would become a costly way to stay comfortable.

A/C unit