It’s very cold in here

For about five years, I worked as a merchandising assistant in an office that was part of a large home improvement corporation.  Let me tell you, that all because you work for a home improvement company, that doesn’t mean that they have perfect heating and air conditioning, or even buildings.  I can attest to the imperfections. We had to have office sweaters if we wanted to survive the erratic heating and cooling of our office. We actually specialized in heating and air conditioning equipment and installation, and we were told that the HVAC system in our building was state of the art.  If this was true, then there had to be something wrong with the thermostat in the building. It seemed that during the summer, we were always shivering, and there were times I felt like a human popsicle. Either their AC equipment was malfunctioning or someone just liked to have it really cold in the building.  We all had sweaters in the building so we didn’t freeze. Then, in the winter, it would get so unbelievably hot, that you wished for air conditioning. After five years, I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I moved on to another job. This office building had quality heating and air conditioning, and there was Zone Control in every office.  Last week, I talked to an acquaintance of mine, from the other office, and she told me that a month after I quit, the building had a new HVAC system installed. Wouldn’t you know, and now I’m wondering if they weren’t just trying to get me to quit.

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