It’s tough to not worry

My best buddy as well as I have worked together for 3 years. Every one of us both work for a local oil furnace upgrade company. My best buddy as well as I got an beach house together 6 weeks ago, as well as things have been good. Until last weekend, we never had a single concern in the area. My buddy as well as I were slated to install 2 up-to-date furnaces last Monday. The first task was busy for early in the morning, so we packed our work truck with the oil furnace as well as other supplies. Every one of us took the oil furnace upgrade truck back to our apartment, in order to get a fresh start bright as well as early. Sometime through the evening, someone broke into our oil furnace upgrade truck. They broke the back window as well as removed both furnaces as well as a crucial amount of our supplies, and when my friends as well as I got up in the morning, we saw the shattered glass next to our work truck. Every one of us called the police immediately as well as also notified our boss. Luckily, our Heating as well as A/C shop has insurance for this type of problem. Our beach house building has cameras in the front as well as back, so we are hopeful the police will find enough information to catch the perpetrators. Every one of us waited for an hour to speak with police, as well as they took all of our information. When we finally finished talking to the police about the missing oil furnaces, we drove back to the supplier to option up more parts as well as supplies, as well as drove over to our first appointment. Every one of us didn’t finish both oil furnace upgrades until undoubtedly late in the evening. It was an incredibly long day after that fiasco.