It’s terribly cool in here

My job as a waitress is at a restaurant that has indoor and outdoor seating, but as a server you either one or the other and you never know what you will be assigned to each shift. I suspect this is because no waiter wishes to work the outdoor seating section;  no waiter wants to be outside in the heat while at work as there is no air conditioning. I do not like being assigned the outdoor seating because I get hot and sweaty, and occasionally sunburned. Everything inside is so far away too. If a table I’m working needs something like napkins, more water or condiments, I have to run all the way back inside. I also have to carry very hot and heavy dishes all the way from the kitchen to the table. It is a lot of cardio mixed with some weight lifting. I get so heated, and not having cooling is terrible! Another downside is that I have to pass through the air conditioning every time I go inside . I do not like feeling the coolness for a brief moment. I liken it to taking a deep breath after being underwater a while. I get a quick break then go back outside to the heat. I would much rather be comfortable inside where there air conditioning. The kitchen and dishes are so much closer. The customers in the air conditioning also are a lot more friendly since they are in a cozy temperature. I wish the outdoor seating would just close on hot days or the restaurant would expand the building to seal in that area and add a ductless A/C unit to that section.

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