It’s starting to cool off in here

Horse riding is my hobby. My husband is in the Army, so we move at least once a year. It is bothersome to pick up and move, leaving new friends as a regular occurence. However, when I find horses to ride, I inevitably discover new friends who have the same hobby as me. With our last move, I was quick to find a new horse to lease. As the leaser showed me the stables, she told me that there was a nice big indoor arena I could take advantage of on rainy days. I don’t usually get much use out of arenas, so I wasn’t too interested until she also mentioned that the indoor area has HVAC. It has the capacity for both air conditioning and heating, as needed, throughout the year. This sounded great. I don’t know how many days I lost riding in the past because of poor weather, but I bet it is a lot. Occasionally, it is just too hot, too cold, or too rainy to enjoy riding a horse. With HVAC, this will never be a problem! The first week I came out to ride I was a bit disappointed that it was so nice out. I could still use the air conditioned arena anyway, but I wanted to wait until there was rough weather so it would make it more special. About a week later, it was rainy outside and I was able to take advantage of the climate control in the arena. It felt great. I think the horse favored having just the right temperature to exercise in too.

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