It’s probably time to start traveling

When I visited California with a few of my friends, I was astounded by how mild the weather was. It would often get in the mid 70s most afternoons, and I was able to get by wearing comfortable clothing without having to layer up. It made my friends and I wish that our weather was this enjoyable back where I lived. Something else I noticed while we were there, was that the rental apartment we shared didn’t have an Air Conditioning. At first, that seemed a little odd to me, even though I soon came to realize that having an Air Conditioner would just lead to a bunch of energy waste. They are needed so seldom there that it makes more sense to construct homes without them. Besides, even on afternoons that become warm it’s not too difficult to get a room feeling pleasant just by opening the windows and permitting some cool air to move around by using the ceiling fans. In our area of the country, there’s absolutely no way that I would ever survive without a cooling system because we constantly go from having below freezing Winters to sizzling hot Summers. I need a full Heating and Air Conditioning component in my home to make sure that I will always be ready to battle whatever weather elements come my way. I think back to my summer trip to California while I’m blasting my A/C at full speed but I still often wish I was there again. Oh, what an enjoyable life it would be! I may eventually make a transfer to be in a place with more pleasant weather. For now though this is my home, so I’m going to have to endure the high temperatures.

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