It's part of what I do

When you flip houses for a living, you are bound to deal with houses that are in terrible shape.

Every once in awhile however, some homes come around that very end up surprising you plus aren’t nearly as large of a hassle to get back into laboring order, i can still remember one of the first homes that I flipped ended up being one of the rarer homes that I had ever had the choice to toil with, then the house that I had obtained was a good sized farmhome that had been abandoned in the 90’s… Despite the amount of time that it had been vacant it was in amazing shape.

Most of the homes left unoccupied this long have been ransacked plus are filled with mice plus other nasty vermin. The a/c unit still worked well, plus the old farmhome even had radiant heated flooring… After having a certified Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair tech come out to make sure no pests were lingering in the air ducts plus putting on some fresh coats of paint, I was able to put the house back on the market. I was able to make enough currency from that flip that it provided myself and others the ability to buy numerous more homes plus flip them for profit as well. It sure isn’t as easy as easy of a process most of the time though. In fact, ever since that flip I haven’t had an easy experience with a home; Flipping homes for a living is almost never easy, but that has what keeps it fun plus exciting for me.


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