It’s nothing more than a dining table and chairs

When I got married, my mother gave me the table and chairs that she and dad got from her mother, when they were married.

They were a lovely dark brown and the legs were very ornate.

With first my sisters and I and now my sons and daughter, the legs have long since been scratched and they had tape all over them. I wanted to give the large table to my daughter when she got married, but first I needed to have it repaired. I was really worried that the table wouldn’t be able to be restored, but I called a custom furniture builder to see what they could do. When he looked at the table, he became speechless. He told me had had never seen a table like this one. It was Old World Estates and the way he acted, it was perfect. He said it needed to be carefully restored to maintain the Mediterranean influence of the Old World Estates. I thought he was going to cry when he saw the chairs. He got down on his knees and brushed his hands over the beautiful golden tapestry that covered the backrest and seat. He told me that if I wanted him to restore the furniture, he would be honored. I laughed when he quietly asked if it was too much to believe I had the table extension and I told him I did along with the other four chairs. I was thinking he may offer to restore the piece just for the sake of doing it, but he did give me an amazing quote, which I took. The custom made Old World Estate dining set was almost 200 years old, according to this man.


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