It’s nice and hot in here

My teenagers are constantly arguing, which gets really aggravating at times. Although I understand this is how teenagers are, it’s hard to be patient all the time with them. My wife and I’ve 3 teenagers that never seem to get along, but I do think that they like each other – even if they won’t admit it! Each of them has their own room, as it would be nearly impossible for them to live in the same room. Our previous home only had two bedrooms, so they grew up in the same bedroom. I do think that contributed to their endless bickering, as these days they’ll argue over just about anything. Perhaps the most ridiculous subject of these arguments has to be the heating and a/c temperature. It’s like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with these children. Each of them has their own preferences, and none of them seem to agree upon anything. My youngest child regularly like is it to be nice and hot, while my oldest daughter regularly prefers it to be really cool. The middle child prefers to have a balance between comfortable heating and a/c, and enjoys room temperature the most. I don’t understand how I was able to create such vastly differing and confrontational individuals, but I prefer their differences over having three clones. I’m sure that once they grow older, they’ll be much more mature and understand the delicate balance that comes with getting along with your siblings. Until then, we might have to look into some alternatives or solutions to their fights. One solution is zone control implementation, where each individual room has its own thermostat – and temperature! I might have to install this here soon next year, before the three bears rip each other to shreds!

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