It’s Me or It

I’ve always insisted on having an electric furnace system or a heating pump in every single home that I’ve ever owned or lived in. This might sound silly to you, but the reason that I want an electric furnace or a heat pump is because I’m absolutely terrified of having a gas furnace! The whole idea of having a gas furnace is scary to me and I would constantly be worried about a malfunctioning furnace or a gas leak if I happened to be in a home with a gas furnace. I don’t know that I could ever feel calm or unstressed if I knew that the heating system I was depending on was a gas furnace, honestly. I would always be waiting to see if the furnace was going to blow up every single time that the thermostat unit kicked on during the night. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think that I would be able to sleep at night if we did have a gas furnace in the house. My husband insists that heating with a gas furnace is way more cost effective and helps with energy savings way more than an electric heating system, but I don’t care. I did tell him once that he could choose to have a gas furnace if he really wanted to, but I hoped that the gas furnace would keep him warm. That’s because if the gas furnace system moves in, then I’m moving out! I guess he decided that he really wanted to keep his wife even more than he wanted to switch over to a gas furnace, because I’m still here and the gas furnace isn’t!

electric heating